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Our Staff:  

We have the best medical staff available:

Elif Fitzgerald: Business Manager
Elif started with Fitztropics in 2005. She has a Masters degree in business and economics. She enjoys spending time with her family. She is an avid baseball and soccer fan. Traveling is her passion, along with the four children that she and Dr. Fitzgeraldgerald share. She is fluent in Turkish, Dutch, and Russian.
Michelle Arroyo
LPN- Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician - Certified
Stafted with Fitztropics in 2004, Graduated from Central Florida Institute (2004), and Galen
School of Nursing, (2020). Is the proud parent of four daughters with husband Dan. Enjoys
fishing, beach outings and spending time with my family. Passionate in patient care and
phlebotomy. Future goals include attaining RN degree, studying Spanish, and eventually
becoming a traveling nurse.
Debbra Peterson:
Medical Assistant/ Phlebotomy Technician
Graduated from Remington College (2006), Married, with two children. Sports fanatic! Loves
to travel. Fluent in German.
Dan Arroyo
Medical Assistant/ Phlebotomy Technician -Lab Director for Fitztropics Medical Stafted with Fitztropics in 2007, graduated from Remington College in 2005 is the proud father of four daughters with wife Michel'le. Enjoys being Dr. Fitzgerald's right hand man, wound care, and all sports. Future plans include EMT training.
Tonya Schaaf
Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician - Referral Co-Coordinator Graduated from Everest University in 2009, stafted with Fitztropics in 2009.
Selma Bulbul:
Ceftified Nurses Assistant/Phlebotomy Technician
Graduated from Florida Medial Prep in 20th. Staffed with Fitztropics in 2020. Is the proud
parent of two sons. Loves outdoor activities and spending time with her sons. Also speaks Bosnian.
Dr. Renate Teylbaum:
Dr. Renate Teylbaum is Board-Certified in age management medicine, female and male hormone, adrenal, thyroid, neurotransmitters and micronutrient correction of imbalance.
Dr. Kirk Cianciolo:
Dr. Kirk Cianciolo is a Board-Certified Urological Surgeon and Men's Health Specialist who biologically men's testosterone to goal.
Dr. Tiffany Jessee:
Dr. Tiffany Jessee is a Board-Certified Bariatric Surgeon, who is our Lap-Band Specialist.
Drs. Bob and Shay Roop:
Drs. Bob and Shay Roop are relationship councilors as well as certified sex therapists. Dr. Shay is published in this area.
Donna Wagoner-Stumpe:
Donna Wagoner-Stumpe CNM-ARNP is a Women’s Health Practitioner, Midwife, and Certified Menopause Practitioner, one of only four in the entire Tampa Bay area. She has also worked with teenager and adults up to 101 years old!
Coley Westerberg PA:
Coley Westerberg PA, with a Degree in Exercise Physiology and Medical Science, developed each of our weight loss plans, and implemented our PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) services.
Corrin Zeigler PA:
Corrin Zeigler PA is an Injection Specialist and a Natural Trainer for injectables.  Corrin was recently honored to be selected as the featured presenter of Botox administration at the International Symposium in New Delhi, India
Kim Davis ARNP:
Kim Davis ARNP is an Injections Specialist, Laser Specialist, and Weight Loss Professional with over 5 years in aesthetic medicine. Kim works alongside Dr. Tetylbaum on Bio-Identical Hormone treatment plans.
Dr. Abraham Awwad :
Dr. Abraham Awwad DO, PA  is Board-Certified in Nephrology (Kidney Diseases, Transplantation, Hypertension)

You see, if you only biologically treat patients, you will not get the benefit other treatment that are crucial to you. Socially, if you are drinking daily, overweight, have cellulite and /or wrinkles, you will not feel that great about yourself.  We offer so many services that can give you the opportunity to LOOK and FEEL younger.

Schedule a FREE consultation today and discover how we can assist you with not only feeling great, but looking great as well.


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